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Having accumulated operationally over 25 years of experience and with £750 million in assets under management, our global investment and insurance service caters to those embracing expatriate lifestyles due to their jobs, lifestyles, or for tax and retirement planning.

Did you know there are 4 types of advisers and 3 types of advice firms? To find out what you should know, and avoid before you pick your wealth manager visit Why Choose OpesFidelio page.

Our distinctive approach means when your needs change or you need specialised advice, we offer access to our award-winning team backed by technology.

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Our advisers work for you, not for commission.
We represent Wealth Management for the discerning investor.

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Stock Trading

Explore OpesFidelio’s comprehensive approach to Wealth Management, Portfolio Design, and expert Securities Trading services today.

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Pension Provision

Pension Provision

Aimed at clients who are seeking specialist pensions advice linked to UK pensions or indeed QROPS / QNUPS, as well as those who wish to save for their future.

Investment and Financial Planning

Investment and Financial Planning

Aimed at clients who are seeking specialist investments, and wish to avoid high commission charges and unnecessary costs, as well as those who wish to save for their future.

Investment and Financial Planning

Wealth Management

Aimed at clients who require a specialist plan utilising cash flow forcasting and projected returns linked to risk and net investments. It requires a fee to be paid.

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    Mission Statement

    Our mission at OpesFidelio is to revolutionise the EU financial services industry by prioritising client transparency, utilising cutting-edge technology, and fostering mutually rewarding relationships between clients and advisors. We’re dedicated to empowering advisors, facilitating a robust financial ecosystem, providing clients with fee clarity and integrity, and supporting advisors in cultivating enduring, trusted relationships. Our goal is to ensure that all stakeholders prosper with confidence.

    OpesFidelio Wealth & Asset Management

    Our mission is providing guidance to you, our clients, on your financial investments in order to achieve your goals, and to do this as a full securities investment portfolio manager.

    Our unique position allows us to create custom portfolios tailored to investors’ goals, risk tolerance, and personal circumstances using assets located in the EU, USA, and UK.

    We offer both discretionary and advisory investment services and have the necessary experience, qualifications, tax knowledge, and regulatory licenses to provide guidance to expatriates both locally and across the EU.

    Wonder and Amazement

    No wonder our clients receive industry-leading returns from a top discretionary service and lower charges than average No wonder we have won European Adviser Firm of the Year no less than 5 times as well as the group receiving 40 other awards from multiple bodies.

    Over 40 Awards Since 2009

    We're Here to Create a Financial Environment that Supports Every Facet of Your Financial Future

    Whether you're setting aside a monthly sum or sitting on a lump sum ready to invest, we understand the significance of guiding you towards your goals. Feel free to contact us so you may begin enjoying the perks right away.

    "Sustainable investing is redefining the mainstream.”

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