Stock Trading

We guide expat investors in stock trading, crafting balanced portfolios with regulated and unregulated securities

Strategic Stock Portfolio Design

Stock trading involves navigating various investment options, encompassing both regulated and unregulated securities within portfolio design.

Ultimately, good stock trading entails strategically building a portfolio tailored to an individual’s risk tolerance and financial goals by incorporating a mix of securities.

What Sets OpesFidelio Apart?

OpesFidelio advisers are part of Aisa International, an award-winning securities trading firm based in the EU with an investment licence allowing for trading with stocks, securities and the creation of portfolios. In fact, we are one of the only EU based securities firms, focused on expatriate investors, who are actually qualified to provide this service to clients.

Portfolio Design

As part of portfolio design, investors evaluate risk levels to create a diversified mix of assets, balancing regulated securities such as stocks and bonds to align with their risk appetite.

Securities Trading

Securities trading within stock markets allows for the purchase and sale of regulated securities, enabling investors to diversify across different risk levels based on their preferences.

Unregulated Securities

However, stock trading also presents opportunities to invest in unregulated securities, which come with elevated risks due to the absence of oversight and regulation. These unregulated securities, although potentially promising high returns, demand thorough scrutiny and a deep understanding of associated risks, including the possibility of fraud and illiquidity.

Discretionary Fund Manager

In the realm of stock trading, a balanced portfolio design incorporates both regulated and unregulated securities, with investors carefully weighing the risks and potential returns. Being well-informed, seeking expert guidance, and performing due diligence are crucial to navigating the complexities and risks inherent in both regulated and unregulated securities when engaging in stock trading.

Wealth Management and Being a DFM

You put this all together and you end up with Wealth Management dedicated to your own plans and management of assets via a discretionary fund management setup, almost unique within the EU.

Make sure you work with OpesFidelio advisers as they are part of the only expatriate-focused securities traders qualified in the EU. Aisa International was formed in 2008 and is in its fifteenth year of expatriate advising.

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