Inheritance Tax

We help you navigate the complexity of inheritance tax when living in different countries

Multiple Jurisdictions

Understanding the implications of dual residency or assets in multiple jurisdictions is crucial. In some cases, two countries may claim the right to tax the same inheritance, leading to potential double taxation.

What Sets OpesFidelio Apart?

At OpesFidelio, we recognise that the residency of your beneficiaries can have an impact on inheritance tax planning!

The solution is never just a bond in trust, a life assurance policy or move out of a country for 2 years. However, all these things may form part of a solution.

Navigating these complexities often involves understanding tax treaties between countries, which can determine which jurisdiction has the primary right to tax certain assets or inheritances. Seeking professional advice from OpesFidelio advisers, alongside tax experts or legal advisors well-versed in international taxation, can be invaluable in ensuring compliance and minimising tax liabilities.

Global Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance tax laws and rates can vary significantly from one country to another, making it essential to plan ahead and consider potential tax implications on inheritances or assets situated across borders. Being proactive in seeking guidance may alleviate some of the complexities and ensure a smoother transition of assets across different countries, thus minimising tax burdens for beneficiaries.

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