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Our aim is to help you build value

We Want to Amaze You

We provide a global investment and insurance service spanning two continents, regulated by four authorities. Our clients are assured their investments are protected under MiFID II regulations, each EU country’s national regulations, and our commitment to transparency and integrity.

Having accumulated operationally over 25 years of experience and with £750 million in assets under management, our global investment and insurance service caters to investors with complex needs. For instance, those who have residence or assets in multiple countries, are facing diverse tax situations, and/or want to globalize their portfolios for balance, security, and growth.

Benefits of OpesFidelio

We do the hard work on research to target your goals, so you can free-up resources, enabling you to concentrate on the things that matter most to you in life.The burden of second guessing the investment market is removed through our constant monitoring of the forever changing markets.

Our Ethos

Is wholly built on trust, transparency, and good faith backed up by compliance and due diligence. We believe this is the key to success when working within “your” financial aims and aspirations. We aim to make working together as straightforward as possible.

Our Priorities

  1. To ensure you recognise your goals and how to reach them.
  2. To ensure you are provided with a full range of wordwide products and not be „tied“ to one companies product.
  3. To ensure you have the appropriate information and documentation.
  4. To ensure our clients are satisfied with the on-going service through feedback.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionise EU financial services by championing transparent advice and delivering, via technology, mutual benefits to both clients and advisers.

Mission Statement

Our mission at OpesFidelio is to revolutionise the EU financial services industry by prioritising client transparency, utilising cutting-edge technology, and fostering mutually rewarding relationships between clients and advisors. We’re dedicated to empowering advisors, facilitating a robust financial ecosystem, providing clients with fee clarity and integrity, and supporting advisors in cultivating enduring, trusted relationships. Our goal is to ensure that all stakeholders prosper with confidence.

We Recognise

  1. You want us to provide alternatives to high-commission products.
  2. You want us to work hard to maximise your investment.
  3. You need to be kept updated every step of the way.
  4. You require a professional ongoing investment service.

Over 40 Awards Since 2009

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Whether you're setting aside a monthly sum or sitting on a lump sum ready to invest, we understand the significance of guiding you towards your goals. Feel free to contact us so you may begin enjoying the perks right away.