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Our network is for clients expecting professional service backed up by due diligence with a ban on funds and products that are deemed „not client friendly“. We employ wealth management for your investments supported by a UK professional service. Our advisers have high integrity and only select those funds and products that are regulated and provide a portfolio based on your risk, financial goals and time frame.

What Sets OpesFidelio Apart?

At OpesFidelio, or advisers have access to multiple independent DFM (discretionary Fund Managers) as well as Aisa International, an award-winning securities trading firm based in the EU with an investment licence allowing for trading with stocks, securities and creation of portfolios.

Not only are we one of the only EU based securities firms focused on expatriate investors who are actually qualified, but we work with other ones to give our clients true options and emphasises our own independence.

Wealth managers operating under MiFID adhere to strict guidelines, providing a range of financial services while prioritizing client interests and needs. Their regulated status ensures compliance with EU regulations, offering a level of security and transparency in managing client assets and investments.


We assist our clients to achieve their goals simply by offering specialist advice linked to flexible low charging products with fund rebates.

We will conduct a full review of your current investments to allow us to demonstrate the most effective method to achieve target returns; if you do not currently have an investment we will provide a tailored solution targeting your future financial goals.


Every approved investment portfolio passes through compliance; approved investments are normally regulated in a recognised territory. This results in avoiding those often publicised Unregulated (UCIS) type funds that fail to achieve what they promise, and can also go bust without recompense to you.

You Are Not Alone

We offer you ongoing professional service and support regardless of your location. We provide quarterly fund reviews and economic-based opinions, as well as optional meetings or an annual review. All this keeps your investments working hard to maximise returns.

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Your adviser will provide the following documents: Fact Find, Client Agreement, Risk Questionnaires, etc…in order to produce such things as Investment Reports.

OpesFidelio Offers

Quarterly Investment Report to keep you advised of current market conditions.

Highest service levels offered in the industry from knowledgeable advisers.

Annual review of your investment, and the option of regular meetings.

Discretionary Management from a range of different options to suit your needs.

Full Investment portfolios based on an agreed strategy.

Return to UK service for clients returning „home“, to ensure continuity whatever your future holds (think health, as well as job dislocations).

Specialist pension advice and access to UK advisers who will be able to assist all clients (G60 qualified).

Avoid Fraud and Non-Qualified Advisers

Wealth management, particularly within the European Union under the regulations of MiFID, offers a structured and regulated approach to financial planning and investment. MiFID ensures a robust regulatory framework, emphasizing investor protection and transparency in wealth management services.

Fraudulent Wealth Managers

However, despite these regulations, potential fraudsters still attempt to operate within the financial industry. Investors should remain vigilant and conduct thorough due diligence when engaging with wealth managers. Checking credentials, verifying regulatory compliance, and seeking reputable, licensed professionals is crucial to mitigate the risk of falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

If your adviser claims to be an IDD regulated Wealth Manager, or “introduces business” to another investment firm, and only has an insurance licence, then be aware you may be dealing with someone who is not regulated to give investment advice. Should that be the case, then that firm is unlikely to have professional insurance if something goes wrong. We have a helpful checklist due diligence document to assist you.

Wealth management, governed by MiFID in the EU, offers a structured and regulated environment. Investors benefit from transparent services provided by regulated wealth managers, but it’s essential to remain cautious and discerning to protect against potential fraudsters in the financial industry.

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