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OpesFidelio financial advisers are part of the Aisa Group. Our team of over 40 advisers, strategically positioned in 20 countries across Europe and the US, specialises in addressing the unique needs and requirements of our clients.

Our extensive expertise as investment advisers and financial planners, coupled with our in-depth tax knowledge and regulatory licenses, equips us to provide expert guidance to expatriates throughout the cross-border EU landscape.

Our focus is on leveraging our strengths to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the diverse financial challenges our clients may encounter.

Our Approach

Our distinctive approach means we offer continued professional support, ensuring our clients receive industry leading returns.

Mission Statement

Our mission at OpesFidelio is to revolutionise the EU financial services industry by prioritising client transparency, utilising cutting-edge technology, and fostering mutually rewarding relationships between clients and advisors. We’re dedicated to empowering advisors, facilitating a robust financial ecosystem, providing clients with fee clarity and integrity, and supporting advisors in cultivating enduring trusted relationships. Our goal is to ensure that all stakeholders prosper with confidence.

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You can join our network and start reaping the benefits straight away. Whether you are saving a monthly amount or have a lump sum to invest, we know how important it is to assist you in achieving your goals providing a financial environment to support you in every aspect of your financial future.

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