Discretionary Fund Managers

We provide MiFID-compliant, transparent and diverse investment options within the EU regulatory framework

MiFID Guidelines

While researching multiple discretionary fund managers that are out there, it’s essential to consider the regulatory framework, particularly within the European Union governed by the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). This directive standardises regulations across EU member states, ensuring investor protection and transparency.

What Sets OpesFidelio Apart?

At OpesFidelio, our advisers have access to multiple independent DFM (discretionary Fund Managers) as well as Aisa International, an award-winning securities trading firm based in the EU with an investment licence allowing for trading with stocks, securities and creation of portfolios.

Not only are we one of the only EU based securities firms focused on expatriate investors who are actually qualified, but we work with other ones to give our clients true options and emphasise our own independence.

Being a Discretionary Fund Manager

Under MiFID rules, discretionary fund managers must adhere to stringent guidelines, including client categorisation, reporting requirements, and ensuring suitability of products and services. Investors can benefit from a range of choices when selecting discretionary fund managers, each regulated under MiFID, offering diversified investment strategies and risk profiles.

These managers operate within the EU regulatory framework, providing a level of consistency and investor protection. Their offerings may span various asset classes and risk profiles, catering to different investment needs while ensuring compliance with MiFID regulations.

Investors seeking multiple discretionary fund manager options within the EU can leverage the regulatory framework provided by MiFID via Aisa International and your OpesFidelio advisers, ensuring a transparent, regulated, and diversified landscape of choices. Evaluating these options in line with individual investment goals, risk tolerance, and the manager’s adherence to MiFID regulations is crucial for informed decision-making.

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