Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the initial meeting take?

The first meeting will usually take an hour to two hours.

Will I be informed of all cost’s / charges?

Yes, we will provide clear and transparant costs through every step of the process.

Will I be sold a product like a bond?

We are independent and will recommend the necessary solution, which is not linked to a particular product or type of product, but based on best advice.

Will I be provided with literature?

Yes, we start with online risk questionnaires, a Fact Find and Client Agreement. Advice is based on Suitability Letters or Exec Summary as well as investment Reports.

When can I expect contact from my adviser?

This is agreed between you and your adviser, but generally at least once or twice per year.

Will I receive regular news letters?

Yes, if you want, we can send out a investment news letters every three months.

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