We represent Wealth Management for the discerning investor

Our network is for clients expecting professional service backed up by due diligence with a ban on funds and products that are deemed „not client friendly“. We employ wealth management for your investments supported by a UK professional service. Our advisers have high integrity and only select those funds and products that are regulated and provide a portfolio based on your risk, financial goals and time frame.


We assist our clients to achieve their goals simply by offering specialist advice linked to flexible low charging products with fund rebates.

We will conduct a full review of your current investments to allow us to demonstrate the most effective method to achieve target returns; if you do not currently have an investment we will provide a tailored solution targeting your future financial goals.

You are not alone

We offer you an ongoing professional service and support regardless of your location. We provide quarterly fund review and economic based opinion, as well as optional meetings or an annual review. All this keeps your investments working hard to maximise returns.


Every approved investment portfolio passes through compliance; approved investments are normally regulated in a recognised territory. This results in avoiding those often publicised Unregulated (UCIS) type funds that fail to achieve what they promise, and can also go bust without recompense to you.

Email address

You have the option to receive our quarterly newsletter through email, as well as emergency briefings or updates.


Your adviser will provide the following documents: Fact Find, Client Agreement, Risk Questionnaires, etc…in order to produce such things as Investment Reports.

OpesFidelio Awards

Wealth Management is provided by Aisa Group whose UK company have been winners and finalists in many investment and pensions awards, including most recently MoneyFacts Investment Adviser of the Year.

Mission Statement

OpesFidelio aim to assist clients shape their future and provide quality advice to them, whilst offering the highest attention to detail with an efficient administrative service to ensure complete client satisfaction.