Wealth Management

Working with Professionals

OpesFidelio work with a number of outside professionals, such as solicitors and accountants around Europe ensuring we provide you with a first class, bespoke service. Other professionals refer clients to us, and we believe a referral like this is one of the highest compliments available and we therefore hold these relationships in the highest regard.

Our Service

We know that when you are paying for a service it is difficult to visualise what you are getting for your money. We want you feel that you are physically getting something of value to you. This is why we provide you with clear reports detailing our recommendations and these reports are for your records. We will give you key updates regarding your policies as we feel that regular contact is integral to our working relationship. Where it is agreed we will manage and review portfolios allowing clients access to this information as frequently as possible and we will compare original investments against gains made after charges.

We know how important it is for you to discuss any concerns that you may have, if your adviser is unavailable then our Customer Service Team will always be available to support you with your enquiry.

Investment classes

  • Cash and Fixed Interest
  • UK Equities
  • Overseas Equities and Fixed Interest
  • Commodities & Derivatives
  • Which all require SPECIALIST investment advice

Whether it be Exchange Traded Funds, shares, gilts or property then you can be assured that an OpesFidelio adviser has the appropriate qualification. Commodities are considered on an individual basis. As for the various investment classes there are hundreds of investment products available from many different companies, and if you are attempting to do it by yourself, choosing one that's right for you might seem like an uphill struggle.

For assistance and help contact us

We must make it clear that whilst you can get all kinds of 'unbiased' information from all over the web, this will not make you an overnight expert and it will often not answer the questions that you are not even aware you should be asking yourself! For complete re-assurance you should be seeing a specialist - one who has both technical knowledge far in excess of a website, and also the experience of answering the questions that only he/she can know should be asked.

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